Leonardo Bistolfi

To Segantini (Beauty liberated from matter or The Alp)

Only an arm, a small and velvety marble arm keeps me tied here. Childhood, nest, home, women’s cradle. If I opened my eyes, I’m sure the sun would scare me. I already feel the wind and the clouds. 

Proud and free as if just born. 

And yet only I know how much it cost me to stay hidden, sure that I wouldn’t be able to make it. Tight, crouched, white as white, motionless in my breath so I wouldn’t be found. Until you came, and maybe you heard my sadness blow, I don’t know how. 

And you dug, dug deeply, first with your bare fingers and then with all you found around. Then my shoulders came out, and my soft stomach, my legs and a face I didn’t even know. Forgive me if I keep you waiting, let me keep my eyes closed a minute. 

Let me feel alive and run away forever.

#afraid #euphoric #lover