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Marcel Duchamp

Roue de bicyclette

I don’t think you want to understand.

At this point, I can’t put up with anything anymore: your hair, your always sleepy eyes, the way you close your lips, that walk, so damn dragged.

It’s just a way to draw attention anyways, like when we were younger.

Always ready to cry, to say you’re good-for-nothing.

And I’m always there to console you, but listen, I really hope this year you won’t get away with it. So you’ll learn once and for all. You’re good, you’re good, if only you had lifted a finger.

And you go around in circles only because you wanted to. You put yourself there, still, like on display. Everything is owed to you, always. And I can’t take it anymore, honestly I really think I hate you.

At this point.

But I hope I never have to tell you. I hope you’ll decide to get off your high horse and get back to pedaling.

#furious #insecure #critical